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Karen Alleyene-Means

Carrie Gallant

Amanda Eloesh

Devay Campbell

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Zuri Walker

Aikyna Finch

Cornelia Shipley

Ashley Hill

Alicia Couri

Lavinia Marshall

V.Lynn Hawkins

Suzette Vearnon

Fran Myers

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Kourtney Coleman


Four days of empowering and insightful content for you, the career woman

to be empowered, inspired, encouraged, to support you in your career and personal life.

When you register, join us in our private community

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The I Am Her Summit is for the woman who makes a practice of intentionally building her life.

This woman has a vision and wants more out of life than she currently has at the moment.

Everything may not be how she wants it, but she is on the move to create it.

She doesn't just say that she wants something, she makes a decision and takes action.

This woman is on the move to achieve more, do more and have more while making an impact in the lives of those around her.

She is on a journey to see and fulfill her purpose.

Get ready to be her




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#WBWI (Women Building with Intention)

High Level Agenda

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Thursday, May 24th

Day 1

Speaker: Devay Campbell

Learn How to Build a Personal and Professional Network to Build Your Career

Speaker: Suzette Vearnon

Discover The Achilles Heel of The High Performing Woman

Speaker: Carrie Gallant

EARN Your Worth:

How to Amplify Your Ask and Get Your Dream Career

Friday, May 25th

Day 2

Speaker: Cornelia Shipley

Compelling Communication: How to Leverage Every Interaction

Speaker: Amanda Eloesh

Discover 3 Top Secrets to Access Your Infinite Potential

Speaker: Alicia Couri

Understanding the Pro's and Con's of Personal Branding for Profitability

Speaker: Aikyna Finch

Discover how your social media can damage your career and what to do about it

Saturday, May 26th

Day 3

Speaker: Zuri Walker

Discover How to Slow Down To Speed Up, Untold Secrets to Reclaim Your Time

Speaker: Karen Alleyne-Means

How to Survive After Loss 

Speaker: Ashley Hill

How to Pay for Your Child's College Education

Speaker: Lavinia Marshall

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the Office of the 44th President of the United States

How to go from living in the shadows of others to becoming the bright and shining star

Sunday, May 27th

Day 4

Speaker: Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

How to Get Your ASK in Gear by Thinking Like a Negotiator

Speaker: V. Lynn Hawkins

Giving Yourself Permission to be Victorious

Speaker: Fran Myers

A conversation to determine who will have your back during the most crucial stage of your life

Speaker: Kourtney Coleman

How what you don't know about yourself is hindering your from achieving what you desire*